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SNU.IGSR Greetings

Thank you for visiting the Institute for Global Social Responsibility (IGSR), Seoul National University.

While Seoul National University has cultivated talented men and women to promote the development of Korea, it has been requested to fulfill various social responsibilities along with the university’s inherent objectives in education and research.

To meet the needs of the transitional times, IGSR was founded in February 2013 in order to materialize a creative knowledge community and train global leaders of Seoul National University. Since the establishment, it has been managing the social service course, educating and training for domestic and foreign activities of social responsibility, carrying out research for international development cooperation, and supporting overall internal activities of social responsibility within the university.

Our modern times require global leaders who embrace the humanity of coexistence through cooperation and mergence, bailing out of the times that merely emphasize the growth and outcomes.

The traditional role of the university that resided in education and research has been shifted to outreach. A university is an organic component of a community that cultivates outstanding manpower, produces new knowledge and contributes to the economic and social development of community through direct participation and action to solve community problems. As an important part of a community, it is in charge of creating knowledge for change and cultivating social innovators.

March 2015
The Chair of the Institute for Global Social Responsibility, Seoul National University
Sang-Hoon Ahn

Sang-Hoon Ahn