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Social Service Courses

Social Service Courses were first initiated at SNU in the first semester of 2006. The main purpose of these courses is for students to go beyond the limited campus-centered education and show concern for neighboring peoples, ultimately maturing to be genuine, warm-hearted leaders who exercise social responsibility.
Course Name · 053.003 : Social Service 1
· 053.004 : Social Service 2
· 053.005 : Social Service 3
Credits 1 Credit
Course Eligibility
  • Social Service 1: Available to students taking this course for the first time (local social service)
  • Social Service 2: Available to students who have completed Volunteer Social Service 1 (local social service)
  • Social Service 3: Available to students who have completed Volunteer Social Service 1 & 2 (overseas volunteering, only open as summer/winter classes)
Grading Method: S(Pass) / U(Fail)
  • Course Retake: Yes
  • Applicable to those who received a U(Fail)/li>
  • Absence from Basic Education (Common Basic Education + Course Basic Education)
  • Obtaining a “F” in activity evaluation from the social service institution
  • Failing to turn in the final report
  • Absence from Final Evaluation meeting
Course Hours
Social Service 1 & 2
  • Basic Education 3 hours + Volunteering over 26 hours + Final Evaluation 2 hours
  • Basic Education is in 2 parts: Common Basic Education 1 hour, Course Intensive Education 2 hours
  • Volunteering hours follow policy of not exceed 6 hours per 1 day
Social Service 3
  • Preliminary Education + Overseas Volunteering for 2 weeks + Final Evaluation 3 hours
  • Preliminary Education: General Education, Preparatory Meetings
  • 1 day of Volunteering is equal to 8 hours

Student Action

As much as SNU is a student-centered University, IGSR recognizes the importance of student led community service and social responsibility. SNU serves to provide various programs and opportunities for students to be actively involved in expressing their concern for the society around them and grow as global leaders.

Global Social Responsibility Leadership Training

Global Social Responsibility Leader is defined as a leader who supports a community that puts into practice humanistic values that go beyond the concept of ‘my neighbor’ and ‘my country’ and instead connects the global village.
It allows for SNU students who are responsible for the next generation to understand both themselves and others and help them grow as global leaders who share the communal values of humanity and foster a global citizen consciousness.
“Me -> You(Others) -> Us(Neighbors) -> Global Community” expansion of leadership.