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SNU.IGSR Social Economy & Planning

Social Economy Talks (Chung•Sa•Jin•)

‘Chung•Sa•Jin•’ is a Social Economy Academic Seminar that is held every month during the semester and invites experts in the field who share their vivid experiences. By selecting topics of interest to the SNU body, ‘Chung•Sa•Jin•’ emphasizes activities that seek solutions to social problems based on these new perspectives.
2014 ‘Chung•Sa•Jin•’
1st ‘Chung•Sa•Jin•’ - ‘Youth Meets Social Venture’
2nd ‘Chung•Sa•Jin•’ - ‘Youth Meets Social Economy’
3rd, 4th ‘Chung•Sa•Jin•’ - ‘Youth Meets Social Economy Organizations’

Social Economic Idea Contest

Social Economic Idea Contest is held with the purpose of encouraging SNU students to come up with creative solutions to various social issues they experience on campus or in the local community. Individuals or groups that have ideas to help solve social issues and have the eagerness to put it into practice are being discovered and trained to develop social responsibility activities. After the contest, IGSR with specialists in the field supports the materialization and realization of such ideas
2014 Contest of Social Economic Ideas
1st Prize Winner ‘Talk to me SNU’
  • In an era where there is a lack of communication, this project provides mechanisms for SNU members to naturally initiate conversations
2nd Prize Winner ‘Buy Talent Coupon’
  • By connecting the talent-sharing culture with the concept of donation, this project constructs a platform for a new talent-and-nice donation culture
3rd Prize Winner ‘BANA-BUNA’
  • This project revitalizes the flea market for the sharing of culture and the change from excessive consuming culture to a more sensible one

Student Support for Social Economy

IGSR supports various activities related to social economy of SNU students and serves the central role of connecting various student organizations for cooperation. Through a contest every semester, IGSR selects clubs or student organizations to support and, through regular meetings design and implement cooperation projects.
2014 Combined Activity
‘Social Economy Practice & Research Example Symposium’
  • Presentation and discussion on project/research results conducted by each club
‘Club Association Fair’
  • Sharing the activities and progress of clubs to SNU students
  • Held at the end of the year, it provides an opportunity for SNU members to naturally donate to a near place while at the same time introducing social economy clubs and activities

Campaign for Social Responsibility

The Campaign for Social Responsibility aims to provide opportunities for SNU members to naturally participate and practice social responsibility. In 2014, many on and off campus participants attended the social responsibility exhibition and social responsibility-related missions of the ‘2014 Social Responsibility Day-Very Good Day’ program.
2014 Social Responsibility Day ‘Very Good Day’
  • Social Responsibility Exhibition (10 organizations participated): introduces social economy organizations or volunteer service groups working in various fields
  • Social Responsibility ‘SNU Running Man’ (132 students participated): program that has students complete social responsibility-related missions all over Gwanak campus, including EM dirt-ball making, ‘Let’s Coop’ board game based on cooperative principles, social responsibility interviews, etc.